Equestrian Riding Clubs in Phoenix

Glendale Equestrian Club Riders

A saddle club with origins in Glendale, Arizona with two monthly rides in the Phoenix area. During the winter, the rides are local one day rides. Summer finds the Glendale equestrian club heading north to the cooler trails available in Arizona. They go to places such as Groom Creek Horse Camp near Prescott, in Groom Creek, Arizona.  


Lone Rangers Singles Riding Club

A riding club for singles! Weekend rides including camping with your horse and pot luck dinners around the campfire on Saturday evening. The Lone Rangers head out all over Arizona and the best is getting out of the heat in summer and riding with friends on the Rim in Flagstaff or Payson.


Cave Creek Saddle Club

A Riding club whose members share the passion of trail riding and get together twice a month to explore new or well- travelled horse trails in and around the Phoenix area. A great way to meet other horse enthusiasts who cherish the adventure of riding their horses on the trail with the added bonus of friendly camaraderie.